• “It’s not a matter of cloning the ideals of beauty. It’s all about crafting the optimal beauty that suits you.”

    Dr. Ghassan Said is a Brazilian plastic surgeon of Lebanese descent with academic background in Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. Dr. Ghassan Said graduated from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon as well as Kaunas Medical University in Lithuania, followed by a Doctor of Medicine degree in full Plastic and Reconstructive residency program at reputable Vilnius University Hospitals. 

  • “There is always a room for learning and perfection when the masters of the field mentor you.”

    Dr. Ghassan Said had the pleasure of working hand in hand with internationally renowned plastic surgeons of highly reputed Brazilian and European schools of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. His surgical expertise includes medical practice in internationally renowned Brazilian Institute of Plastic Surgery in São Paulo, Brazil and Azevedo Clinic in Belém-Pará, Brazil.  

  • “A genuine beauty is conceived when science meets art”

    A perfectionist in nature, an artist in his sense of beauty and a sculptor in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Ghassan Said believes that the essence of beauty is found in the details.  With his expertise of blending the art of beauty with the science of plastic surgery, you will receive a detailed consultation aiming to understand your individual interest and expectations. Dr. Ghassan Said will also ensure personal attention and availability through all stages of care to ensure optimal results.

  • “Perfection must be the synonym of one’s surgical skills. Beauty, on the other hand, is personally perceived feeling.”

    After years of surgical experience and living across Brazil, Lebanon and Lithuania, helping patients of different countries, cultures and backgrounds, Dr. Ghassan Said has gained a vast understanding of how the essence of beauty may differ from one region to another. No matter what your specific interests are, you can expect a genuine, personalized care and results that are tailored to suit your individual needs.

  • “Remarkable results praise for the patient’s highest safety level”

    While delivering remarkable results that look exceptionally natural and beautiful, Dr. Ghassan Said’s main concern is your safety and health. With up-to-date techniques and state of the art methods, Dr. Ghassan Said performs surgeries only in accredited and reliable facilities, which complies with the highest levels of patients’ safety. 

  • “Be wise with your decisions. Aging expressions might be reversible but scars will last forever.”

    This is a brief introduction to Dr. Ghassan Said’s background, vision and philosophy. If you wish to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact him personally. Dr. Ghassan Said will be delighted to conduct an initial consultation, answer your questions as well as guide you through the entire process of plastic surgery.