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Breast reduction

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reshape large breasts. It is used to alleviate the neck and back pains that are associated with the condition. It is thought that large breasts are related to increased sensitivity to estrogens, which can exert a physical as well as a psychological impact on a patient’s health and quality of life. 

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. A wide variety of techniques are available, and considerations are based on the surgeon’s preference and an individual patient’s circumstances. The procedure involves removing part of the breast tissue and reshaping the remaining part of it; removal of the excess skin and repositioning the nipple areolar complex into a new position. 

After surgery, there will be some degree of discomfort and swelling for a few days. Strenuous activities must be avoided for several weeks and a surgical bra must be worn for the recommended period of time. Dr. Said will give you detailed instructions on how to best handle your recovery. 

Possible complications that might be associated with breast reduction surgery are unfavorable scarring, a poorly healed scar, seroma, hematoma, infection, fat necrosis, decreased nipple sensation and skin or nipple necrosis.

Patients can expect physical relief and better quality of life as a result of the procedure; a better breast shape and more youthful breasts that will last for several years. However, the effects of breast lift surgery might be subject to variations due to aging or weight fluctuations.