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Breast lift

Breast lift, clinically known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves excess skin removal and tightening the surrounding tissue in order to reshape, improve and reposition the sagging breast to its natural position. Patients often opt for a mastopexy because of drastic changes in breast shape, volume and position that may be altered due to pregnancy, aging, lactation and weight changes.

The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Breast lift can be performed either through a periareolar, vertical or inverted T incision. The breast tissue is elevated, excess skin is removed and the areola will be repositioned to its ideal position. 

After surgery, there will be some degree of discomfort and swelling for a few days. Strenuous activities must be avoided for several weeks and a surgical bra must be worn for the recommended period of time. Dr. Said will give you detailed instructions on how to best handle your recovery. 

The most common complications associated with mastopexy are unfavorable scarring, poorly healed scars, seroma, hematoma, infection, fat necrosis, decreased nipple sensation and skin or nipple necrosis.

Patients can expect better breast symmetry and a more youthful breast shape that will last for several years, but the effect of breast lift surgery might suffer modifications as a result of aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy.