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Injectable fillers

Injectable fillers or dermal fillers are non-surgical procedures used for soft tissue augmentation, improvement of wrinkles, replenishing volume-depleted areas, facial enhancement, and contouring.

Injectable fillers aim to reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, nasolabial fold, nose and creases between the eyebrows. They may also be used for hand rejuvenation, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement, jaw contouring or for liquid facelift to restore soft tissue volume loss as a result of aging. During consultation, Dr. Said will determine the ideal filler to be used according to a patient’s area of concern and the condition of the skin. 

The procedure can be performed without anesthesia or by treating the area to be injected with an anesthetic cream. During the procedure, the required dose and volume of filler will be injected into the areas to be treated.


Injectable fillers are very safe but might have some possible side-effects, including swelling, bruising, pain, redness, allergic reaction and development of bumps and nodules at the injected areas. 

Dermal fillers result in an age-defying look without dramatically changing your appearance; the result will last according to the area treated and the type of injectable filler used in the procedure.