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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma skin rejuvenation therapy aims at making your skins look younger and smoother by using the platelet component of the patient’s own blood for cell regeneration and repair. People who want to look younger as they age, reduce wrinkles and dark eye circles often consider PRP skin rejuvenation. 

The PRP skin rejuvenation procedure starts off with the extraction of blood from your vein after which the blood will be processed by the aid of a centrifuge machine. The separated plasma rich in platelets are then injected into the target areas to be treated. Some of the target areas are the face, cheeks, neck, chest and hands. The procedure will support collagen production and reconstruction of the dermal matrix.

There are no adverse risks and complications related to the PRP skin rejuvenation technique and no cases of allergic reactions because one’s own blood platelets are used in the process. However, there might be some degree of redness, bruising, swelling and mild pain that can be experienced after the procedure. 

PRP skin rejuvenation treatment will result in a firmer, more youthful skin with a noticeably reduced appearance of aging signs. Pronounced effects are generally seen 3-5 weeks after the procedure and the improvements can last for more than a year.