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Symmetry is not a synonym of Beauty

Beauty in the eyes of a plastic surgeon!

Are Cosmetic treatments becoming the new make-up?

Beauty in the eyes of a plastic surgeon!

Beauty in the eyes of a plastic surgeon!

While they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it would be more correct to say that the perception of beauty is what people behold. Each of us has a completely different perception. Plastic surgeons have to counsel people about their perceptions since there are so many different misconceptions out there.

Most people are familiar with the classical physical features that others consider attractive. Face, eyes and figure are usually considered what's attractive, but everyone thinks of these particular features a little bit differently. Thus people unfortunately turn to alleged beauty authorities that work in the fashion industry, despite the fact that these groups all set unrealistic and absurd standards of what beauty really is.

Women end up with negative opinions and get forced to chase after an image that doesn't really exist. This means that we need to change these perceptions and indicate to the next generation that physical characteristics aren't the only things that define a person. Several different facets of a person can provide them with an overall definition of themselves.

Women could be instead defined by a beauty quotient as opposed to the more typical way of looking at beauty. A quotient like this is made up of three individual metrics. Physical and psychological health along with actual personal appearance makes up the quotient. Wardrobe, posture, style and skin-care all factor in when considering beauty in this way.

Look in the mirror and really see yourself. It's perfectly fine to look like yourself instead of some other person. Women have to identify those traits that make them beautiful. Then they can be played up. A plastic surgeon has to celebrate someone's best features while setting more realistic goals when it comes to physical appearance. This can lead to an overall healthier body image as well.