• A friend recommended Dr. Said and I am very pleased with my surgery results. He was patient, understanding and answered all of my questions concerning the tummy tuck procedure. I feel great about myself and more confident. Thank you for the excellent and professional service.
    by T.E
  • I thought I’d had to live forever with the consequences of my trauma but I was overwhelmed with the humanitarian help of Dr. Ghassan who was an angel in my life and helped me get over it with great results of my reconstructive surgery. I am so thankful and grateful for your help and care.
    by N.Z
  • I just want to thank you for helping me take the right decision and not regret it. The results of my surgery are just great. THANK YOU for all you have done.
    by S.H
  • A big thanks to Dr. Said and his staff!! Although I was tense and afraid about undergoing a surgical procedure but you and the rest of the staff were simply amazing and the results are just stunning.
    by L.M
  • Besides being a great surgeon, I can say that Dr. Ghassan is an amazing professional and an artist. The results are inspiring. I am forever grateful.
    by G.N
  • I was very impressed with Dr. Ghassan Said’s attention and patience throughout each step of treatment. My family and I are very thankful for his help and attention. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you for the great work.
    by R.B

Viktorija Sutkutė gerbėjus nustebino asmenuke tiesiai iš operacinės

Išskirtinės asmenukės jau seniai tapo savotiška mada – dėl gero kadro žmonės lipa į medį, laukia tobulo peizažo, fotografuojasi prie laukinių gyvūnų...  daugiau...

ZIP FM Radistai – Pilnas interviu (vaizdo įrašas)

Radistų laidoje svečiuojasi du puikūs plastikos chirurgai - Darius Jauniškis ir Ghassan Said. Diskusijos mums rūpimiausiais klausimais - apie silikonines krūtines, užpakaliukus ir Braziliją. daugiau...